The Distant Echo Val McDermid

ISBN: 9781402561412

Published: 2003


The Distant Echo  by  Val McDermid

The Distant Echo by Val McDermid
2003 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9781402561412 | 10.21 Mb

4.5* rounded down.-- mild spoilers ahead! --Wow. I really needed reading this one.First things first, I grade McDermid against herself and against other crime writers I like a lot. If I graded her against the average romance (m/m or else), Id need dozens of stars to find a just balance.Theres thick plot, an era and a place portrayed so perfectly as to put you right there, and I never guessed at the murderer, even though the red herring was more than just that.

But then, I rarely ever guess correctly, so that may be just me, but on the plot and story level this book thoroughly satisfied me. A big solid chunk of a book.What I also dearly needed was a book cleaning my reader palate of bad, overblown-blowsy, theatrical, over-cute and strainedly chic language. I read too much of that lately and it started to clog all my senses and to sour me on books. The amount of genuine Scottish and British expressions was just right to firmly anchor the book (and not so overdone as to read like a direct attempt to dazzle), there were similes and descriptors which worked for me without having to think about it, and she effortlessly creates atmosphere.Maybe what I find the most enchanting is the way how McDermid writes men, and psychopaths.

She managed to have me side and sympathise with four lads, during the earliest era of modern lad culture. And she somehow managed to do that without being in any way forgiving about their faults. These were real, genuine boys and men, without any of the artificial affectations so common in romance, and that felt like a fresh breath.Oh and the 0.5* lacking from this is because I cant seem to not want Tony or Carol in her books -P

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